Divino Enterprises need a tee to sell in their wine stores.

Divino Enterprises

Divino Enterprises

SIPPERS DELIGHT: Logo and Teeshirt Design.

Bootcamp t-shirt for personal trainer.

Client wanted to create their own line of Tee-shirts based on Bus Drivers, been attacked by the general public.

Bus driver Design

Freelance t-shirt design, Stop looking at my boobs tee.

Aids Walk 2013 tee

Teeshirt Design aids walk 2013

Nyce corp t-shirt design, worn by all it's employee's

Black American Indian tee-shirt.

Client wanted a Birthday tee-shirt

VERTIGO, Branding and Logo Design.

Sign of the times tee-shirts. hand drawn and designed by ifonlydesigns.

Sign of the Times

Sign of Times


Graphic Design